Muslim Endorsement Council of Connecticut, Inc. (MECC)

To maintain, reinforce and improve quality standards of spiritual care for people in public and private institutions.

To provide a structure and process for the official endorsement and support of Muslim chaplains based on Islamic and pastoral principles and to establish a national standard for such endorsement in order to develop consistency and integrity in the field of Islamic chaplaincy. MECC serves to manifest the Qur’anic enjoinment and Prophetic traditions of consultation and consensus as also practiced by the four rightly guided caliphs. It strives to represent the diversity within the Muslim community in Connecticut.

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3 thoughts on “Muslim Endorsement Council of Connecticut, Inc. (MECC)

  1. Please notify me the next time you have your annual conference in Connecticut. Thank you.

    Dr. Ruqaiyah Nabe, RN, DMin

    • Thank you for your interest. I suggest that you use the WordPress (+) Follow feature (the button should be somewhere on this very page) so that you stay up to date about MECCT activities.

    • SAVE THE DATE : March 9, 2013

      The Muslim Endorsement Council of CT (MECC)

      Invites you to

      Join us and the Islamic Seminary Foundation (ISF)

      for a

      National Shura


      Join The Association of Muslim Chaplains (AMC)

      for a

      National Conference

      On Sat. March 9, 2013

      In New Haven, CT

      8:30am- 6:00pm

      Full shura and conference venue, and schedule details will be available January 31, 2013

      Insha Allah

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